• One spray provides all day protection.
  • Forms a layer of microscopic spears on skin.
  • Kills may different types of organisms.
  • Cells are destroyed mechanically, therefore no resistance is developed.


SKINGUARD24 is a hand sanitizer and protectant. It promotes and protects the health of those you care for, all day long. That's because one spray lasts for an ENTIRE DAY! SKINGUARD24 forms a continuous layer or 'web' of microscopic spears on the surface of your skin, using the active ingredient known as "Organosilane-Q". These spears kill germs, viruses, mold, yeast, spores and pathogens through a process known as "lyses". This is a mechanical process that literally punctures the germ cells like a pin on a balloon. The contacting cellular wall is broken or ruptured and the microbe is no longer able to control its internal hydrostatic pressure, resulting in implosion or explosion of the species, depending on its internal ambient pressure. No transfer of chemical or chemical residues occurs during this process. The Organosilane-Q film is not depleted and will continue to lyses cells. There is no increased pathogen resistance to Organosilane-Q on subsequent exposure and no increased mutagenicity.

SkinGuard24 All-Day Hand Sanitizer, 7oz


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